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Why Choose Us

VANGUARD FORCE offers professional security services marked by efficiency and innovation. We are one of the leading security service providers in South India. Our team of security professionals is well trained and imparts excellent services with the help of the most modern security instruments and technology. VANGUARD FORCE is always committed to deliver beyond the best to our clients and this approach has helped us remain the most trusted security service provider over the years.


  • 01. What are the duties of trained security guards?

    The primary duty of the security guards is to ensure the safety of staff and the property. They monitor the visitors, patrol the premises and observe suspicious activities. They are trained to offer 24/7 security monitoring, respond quickly in crisis situations and take actions such as detaining offenders, removing them from property, performing first aid and restoring order.

  • 02. What are the skills required for trained security guards?

    The trained security guards must have the ability to communicate clearly, assess the situations and identify threats, respond quickly and execute standard security procedures. VANGUARD FORCE, the security company in Kerala/Kochi supplies well trained professional security guards capable of handling any situation most effectively.

  • 03. Do you conduct background check of security guards before they are appointed?

    Yes, we do. The security guards are appointed after a thorough background check including work history and personal references.

  • 04. What kind of training do you give to security guards?

    The training we provide to our security officers equips them to offer 24 hour security services in the most efficient manner. It covers awareness about relevant laws and security procedures. Our trained security guards are also given on-site training before taking up the assignment for 24 hour security for a particular client.

  • 05. Do you give events security services at competitive rates?

    Yes, we do. Our rates are competitive, yet it does not affect the quality of services we offer.

  • 06. Are the security services you offer flexible?

    Yes. Being the most trusted security company in Kerala/Kochi, we customize our 24/7 security service according to your needs and expectations. We train and prepare our security guards to provide optimum security to your total satisfaction.

  • 07. Do you respect the privacy of clients along with protecting their property?

    Yes, of course. VANGUARD FORCE operates in line with industry guidelines and follows the best practices in our security service offerings. We respect the privacy of our clients and our security guards always conform to the ethics of the profession.

  • 08. What are the benefits of having security guards on your premises?

    Security guards are primarily meant to act instantly to particular situations, preventing them from escalating into problems. With VANGUARD FORCE at your service, you can expect security guards to present for duty on your premises on time and in uniform and ready for action.

  • 09. Why should I choose VANGUARD FORCE over other service providers?

    VANGUARD FORCE is a 24/7 security agency and the best provider of security guard services in Ernakulam. We know your trust is our most important asset and so we offer our services in such a way to nurture and retain your trust. Moreover, we offer quality customized security services at competitive rates.

We have Awesome Skills

VANGUARD FORCE is a reputed security service provider that offers reliable security solutions catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Our professional security guards undergo regular training that helps them fulfill their duties with utmost perfection. Besides developing personal aptitude and professional skills, the training VANGUARD FORCE imparts to its security guard keep them physically fit and equip them to act instantly at the time of crisis.
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  • Monday - Sunday : 8.00am to 10.30pm

  • 08589093309

  • info@vanguardforce.com